Temporary Car Insurance Let Me Drive My Import Home

When I wanted to purchase an automobile, I found myself in a position to buy a foreign automobile. I decided to go with a Ford Expedition, which meant I needed to have it imported from the United States to Southampton. It was a rather expensive process that involved deciding whether or not I wanted to ship it in a container or not, researching and choosing a shipping company and paying customs taxes. One of the things I wanted to ensure was that I would be able to drive my car from the shipping yard home.

The shipment of my Expedition would not take that long, and I was spending many extra hours in the office due to an annual audit that had our sales force working late evenings and weekends. The audit was going to take several weeks and my vehicle would arrive overseas before I would have time to research the best insurance company for my needs. I was in a situation where I needed a short-term solution that would allow me to pick up my vehicle and take it home when it arrived.

One day a co-worker and I went out for lunch at an Italian deli and as we were enjoying our hour away from the hectic pace of the audit, I told my friend about my worries about not having the time to compare insurance companies and rates before my car arrived. I did not want to rush myself into a decision only to regret it later by having to deal with bad customer service and poor cover.

My co-worker told me that when his father purchased a new vehicle the previous year he did not want to continue with the insurance company he was currently with, and wanted more time to make a decision on which company to choose. In order to drive his car off the dealerís lot and to have time to research and compare insurance companies he took out a short-term policy for 28 days.

A couple of days later my co-worker gave me the number of the insurance company his father used for a short-term policy. I took time on my lunch hour to call the company and found out I could get cover in the event of fire, vandalism, and theft as well as cover for accidents. My one to 28 day policy would also include emergency roadside assistance and vehicle replacement in the event of a wreck.

I arranged for a 28-day policy effective on the day my Expedition arrived. When the day came for me to pick up my vehicle, I was good and legal to drive her home. Having the policy protected me from uninsured motorists as well in case anything was to have happened while I was out on excursions. The audit finished in time for me to have a full two weeks to compare long term insurance solutions and find the best insurance company to cover my vehicle on a permanent basis."


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